Open Source .NET Library for Readding Excel Spreadsheets

Free lightweight API for parsing Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets

PureExcel is an open source lightweight C# API for reading Microsoft Excel (2007) Worksheets. It is a simple API and can be run on any .NET Framework. The API uses no third party library dependency, no Excel Interop, no Open XML SDK, no Linq, Xml and Dataset of C# system API.

Using the API you can read Excel workbook and trim empty rows and columns in it. Furthermore, the API supports stream parsing and formula parsing.

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Getting Started with PureExcel

It is an open-source library. You can download it from GitHub and use in your .NET Applications

Read Excel Spreadsheets using C#

PureExcel allows C# .NET developers to read new excel worksheets. The API uses Worksheet class the exposes methods to work with Excel worksheets. You can read excel using Worksheet.Read() method, get comments using Worksheet.GetComment() method and get rows and cells using Worksheet.GetRows() and Workseet.GetCell() method respectively.

Get Worksheet Properties using C#

The API also allows getting worksheets properties using Worksheet.GetWorksheetsProperties() method.