C# .NET Library for Fast XLSX Spreadsheets

Open Source C# API allows to create, read, modify & export Microsoft Excel XLSX Spreadsheet, manage worksheets, row and column settings and so on.

A powerful open source .NET spreadsheet component that enables software apps to create and manage Excel file formats with ease. The library is lightweight and can perform several operations with lesser time and cost. It can process spreadsheet-related tasks up to 300 times faster than similar products.

ReoGrid API supports multiple platforms and works on both Windows Form and WPF. It is feature-rich and has included several important features related to Excel Spreadsheet creation and management, such as generate new workbook from scratch, manage worksheets, row, and column settings, Cell styles support, borders handling, Cell value and data formats, use formulas, insert and manage Images, using floating objects, add charts or graphs and much more.

ReoGrid uses an optimized memory management model as well as enhanced cell memory usage. It split down larger spreadsheets into smaller parts and thus memory allocations and release are performed on these small parts making the process faster. The library also uses an optimized border algorithm that quickly recognizes where to start drawing the borders.

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Getting Started with ReoGrid

The following steps update the compiler and set the appropriate environment variables.

Install via NuGet

PM> Install-Package unvell.ReoGrid.dll 

Excel Workbook Creation via .NET API

The open source library ReoGrid enables software developers to generate a new Excel workbook with just a couple of lines of C# code. The library also allows to add a new worksheet, assign names to worksheets, delete unwanted sheets, move worksheets,s and so on. The library also makes it easy to access worksheets and supports managing cell data, styles, borders, outlines, ranges, formula calculation and etc.

Export Excel XLSX File to CSV & HTML

The open source component ReoGrid enables software developers to export Excel XLSX spreadsheets to other supported file formats inside their own .NET applications. Developers can easily load CSV files, export worksheets as CSV format, export worksheets as HTML or PDF, output spreadsheets to printers,s and so on. It is also possible to select a specified range of a row or grid rather than an entire worksheet and export it to other supported formats. It also supports exporting worksheets to RGF files with just a couple of lines of code.

Adding Charts to a Worksheet

The ReoGrid component has provided strong support for handling charts inside an Excel worksheet. It allows to display chart on a worksheet and saving into or loading from an Excel file. There are different types of charts supported inside a worksheet such as Line Chart, Column Chart, Bar Chart Pro, Area Chart, Pie Chart, Doughnut Chart, and so on. You can also easily modify your charts with ease.