Open Source PHP Library for Working with Spreadsheet

Create, Parse & Convert b/t MS Excel XML, CSV, TSV, HTML & JSON Formats via Open Source PHP API.

Simple Excel-PHP is a lightweight open source PHP library with a simplistic approach to read, write, parse, & convert Microsoft Excel file formats. Developers can use this spreadsheet library to easily convert between popular file formats like XML CSV, TSV HTML & JSON formats.

Simple Excel-PHP provides support for several important features such as parsing HTML table, parsing Microsoft Excel CSV, TSV & XLSX Spreadsheet, create a new workbook or worksheet, write spreadsheet &HTML table as well as writing TSV Spreadsheet, Excel XLSX and Excel 2003 XML Spreadsheet files.

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Getting Started with Simple Excel-PHP

The recommended way to install SimpleExcel-PHP into your project is by using the composer. Please include this package in your composer.json.

Install Simple-Excel-PHP via

"require" : {
 "faisalman/simple-excel-php" :"0.3.*" } 

You can also clone the project with Git by running

Create New Excel Workbook via Free PHP Library

Simple Excel-PHP library enables software developers to create a new Microsoft Excel XLSX Spreadsheet with ease. To create a new file first instantiate new objects and add some data to the writer. After that save the file with a specified name and location of your choice. Developers can also easily add sheets to an existing instance of Workbook. You can assign a name to the sheet.

Convert CSV File to Excel 2003 XML

This spreadsheet library allows software developers to Convert CSV Files to Excel 2003 XML file format with just a few lines of code. First of all, you need to load a CSV file from the server to be parsed and transfer data from parser to writer and change the writer type to XML. After that save the file with the specified name and specified target.

Parse Excel 2003 XML File

This free Excel library enables software developers to parse Excel 2003 XML files inside their own PHP applications. To parse the XML file first you need to load the file from the server. After that, you can get a complete array of the table. You can also get data from a specific row or cell of the table with ease.