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PHP Library for Excel 2007+ XLSX Spreadsheets

Open Source PHP API to generate, read, modify and process XLSX spreadsheets. It supports creating new cells, merging cells,  defined names, using filters, manage charts & so on,

The Xlswriter is a lightweight PHP C extension that can be used to work with Excel 2007+ XLSX file format with ease. The library is 100% compatible with Excel XLSX files and enables developers to generate, read, modify and process XLSX spreadsheets with ease. The Xlswriter can be used smoothly on leading platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and more. The library is open source and is available under BSD license.

The Xlswriter library is well optimized and has included several important features related to spreadsheet creation and management, such as full Excel formatting like bold, italic, or underlining, creating new cells, merging cells, defining names, using filters, managing charts, using images in the worksheet, adding multiple worksheet, data validation, and drop-down lists and many more. It can compile 32 as well as 64-bit operating systems.

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Getting Started with Xlswriter API

You can install Xlswriter, from GitHub with ease. Please use the following command for a smooth installation. 

Install Xlswriter via GitHub

$ git clone https://github.com/viest/php-ext-xlswriter.git

Managing Worksheets via  PHP

The open source xlswriter library enables software developers to handle worksheets inside their own apps. It has included several important functions for managing worksheets, such as creating a new worksheet from the scratch, worksheets switching, hiding a worksheet, setting a worksheet as the first one, zooming the worksheet, renaming a worksheet, deleting the unwanted worksheet, and many more.

Charts Handling in a Worksheet

The xlswriter library has provided functionality for working with Charts inside an Excel spreadsheet via PHP code. It allows several important chart-related functions as well as different types of charts such as area charts, bar charts, histograms, line charts, pie charts, scatter plots, doughnut or radar charts, and many more. It allows adding labels to a chart series or applying chart formatting properties to any chart object with ease.

Access and Read Excel XLSX Spreadsheet

The open source xlswriter library has included complete support for accessing and reading Excel XLSX spreadsheets inside their applications. It has included several important functions related to spreadsheet reading such as reading data from the entire worksheet, reading data from a cell, ignoring blank cells, ignoring blank lines, global row read, cell callback mode, and so on.

Data Filtering Support

The xlswriter library provides functionality for handling Cells inside a worksheet using PHP commands. You can easily add new cells or apply formatting to a set of cells inside a worksheet. There are several important functions available in the library such as inserting text or linking to a cell, adding an image, applying filters, merging multiple cells, row cell style, column cell style, freeze panes, and many more.