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Free .NET Library for Manipulating Audio Documents

Render, Encode and Stream Audio File Format.

LibVLCSharp is an open source API to render, encode and decode Audio file formats. Using The API, you can not only play all types of audio file formats including MP3, MPEG, AAC, TrueAudio, and more but, can also play them on any platform including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, and TVs. In short, the API supports most of the features supported by the VLC desktop app for free.

LibVLCSharp is free software released under the LGPL. The developer can create their own audio manipulation application using the API. The developers can work with a wide range of Audio file formats for metadata manipulation. Furthermore, you can play 3D audio playback, use audio filters, supports audio pass-through with APDIF and HDMI, and more.

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Getting Started with LibVLCSharp

The best way to install to install LibVLCSharp is via NuGet you can run the following command and install LibVLCSharp in you application.

Install LibVLCSharp from NuGet

 Install-Package LibVLCSharp -Version 3.4.8

Play Audio with Free C# API LibVlcSharp

LibVLCSharp allows .NET programmers to play all audio file formats easily. In order to run an audio file format, the developer can start by initializing LibVLC main object, and then load the audio file by using the Media class that is responsible for proving information about the file format. Once you have your audio file loaded, you can open a new instance of MediaPlayer to play the audio file using MediaPlayer.Play() method.

Retrieve Audio Track Info via C#

The open source API LibVLCSharp allows .NET developers to retrieve Audio track information programmatically. In order to extract the information, first, you need to load the file using the Media class and check if the file is a proper Audio track. After that, you can extract the track information by accessing Track properties like Track.Data.Channels, Track.Data.Rate and more.