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Open Source Python API to Process Video Files

Free Python library for video processing, creating and inserting custom effects, video concatenations, inserting title, compositing video, create animations from images, and more.

MoviePy is a useful open source python API that enables software developers to read, write and modify their videos using Python commands. The library has provided reading and writing support for several important video and audio file formats. The library is cross-platform compatible and can be used on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

The library is very simple and easy to learn for new users. You can handle most of the basic operations with just one-liner code. There are several important features part of the library such as video modification, video processing, cutting parts of the videos, creating and inserting custom effects, video concatenations, inserting titles, compositing videos, creating animations from images, automatizing the creation of videos or GIFs on a web server and many more.

The MoviePy library is very flexible and gives users complete control over the frames of the video and audio as well as easily generating their own effects. The library can be used to draw simple shapes and color gradients. The MoviePy library can be used with other libraries to achieve certain tasks, such as creating animations with Gizeh, rendering 3D scenes with the Vapory library, embedding a movie in a 3D scene with Vapory, and so on.

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Getting Started with MoviePy

Please use the following command to install MoviePy library on your systems

Install MoviePy via pip.

$ pip install moviepy

Install MoviePy via GitHub.

$ git https://github.com/Zulko/moviepy.git 

Creating a Simple Video using Python Library

The MoviePy library has provided complete functionality for creating a simple video using Python commands. The library has provided support of including sound in the video. You can also easily combine together different clips in a single video. You need to provide the complete address of both the videos and then combine them to a single one and save it on the disk in the place of your choice.

Manage & Mix Clips using Python Library

The open source library MoviePy allows software programmers to manage clips inside their own apps. The library has provided several important functions for handling their video or audio clips such as mixing multiple clips, duration of the clip, time of the composition at which the clip starts playing, time of the composition at which the clip stops playing, creating a shallow copy of a clip, modify time of a clip, Iterates over all the frames of the clip, mix audio clips and many more.

Using Decorators in Videos

The Python library MoviePy has provided support for decorators that helps developers to easily use the writing and effects functions inside their own applications. There are several important functions provided such as adding a mask to the clip, applying the function f to the audio of the clip, applying function f to the mask of the clip, using an audio function on a video/audio clip, error raising if the clip has no duration and many more.

Freeze Movie Frame & Apply Effects via Python

The MoviePy library enables software developers to freeze a movie frame and apply some effects to it using Python code inside their applications. Frist take a frame to freeze and apply effects and save it as a clip. Please use the Sobel algorithm to find the edge of the image and after that apply the effects with color and contours etc. You can also easily add some text or effects to it. Now the final step will be to overlay the created clip over the original frame.