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Open Source Python Library for Video Files

Free Python API for video processing, It supports real-time Video-Stabilization, lossless Video-Encoding, flexible parameters manipulation, and Multi-Threading.

VidGear is a powerful multi-threaded Python library that enables software developers to create applications for processing videos with ease. The library is built has included support for multiple APIs each one with a unique capability and functionality. The main goal is to handle and process data specific as well as device-specific video or network steams easily. The main focus of the library is simple to use and provide easy integration to achieve high performance while processing complex video processing jobs with just a couple of lines of python code.

The VideoGear is perfect when users need to switch among various video sources without changing your code much. The library has included support for several important features related to video processing such as accessing and reading videos on various devices, writing videos in multiple formats, video or audio streaming, sending & receiving video files or frames from/to various, and many more.

The library is very flexible and gives users comprehensive control over the frames of the video and audio. The library fully supports advanced features like real-time Video-stabilization, video streaming using IP/USB cameras, lossless video encoding, and Multi-Threading, etc. The library is open source and is available under the Apache-2.0 License for personal or commercial usage.

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Getting Started with VidGear

Please use the following command to install VidGear library on your systems

Install VidGear via pip.

pip install vidgear

Install VidGear via GitHub.

$ git https://github.com/abhiTronix/vidgear.git 

Piping Video Streams via CamGear

The open source VidGear library provides the capability for piping video streams inside their own Python applications. The library provides connectivity with various big streaming services like Twitch, Livestream, Dailymotion, and several others with ease. The software developers can easily set the desired resolution and need to provide desired video’s URL to the source parameter and enable the stream mode parameter to achieve the goal in a better way. Same like above you can also stream or watch live videos from YouTube.

Writing Video in MP4 Format

The free VidGear library enables software developers to write their video files in MP4 format using Python code. The VidGear Video Processing Python library's WriteGear API gives flexible access to OpenCV's VideoWriter API tools as well as a robust wrapper around FFmpeg a very popular multimedia framework. You can easily write your videos to MP4 format with just a couple of lines of code. It can easily process real-time frames into a lossless compressed video-file..

Transcoding Entire Video & Audio File

The open source VidGear library provides enables software developers to transcode their video or audio file inside their own Python applications. Using the single-Source mode you can easily transcode n entire video or audio file into a sequence of multiple smaller chunks or segments for streaming. The is very useful when you are transcoding lossless long duration videos for live streaming. Please use the function transcode_source() for processing audio-video files into stream-able chunks.