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Aspose.Words for C++


C++ API to Create & Convert MS Word Documents

A Powerful C++ Word document processing Library to generate, edit, convert, & manipulate word files without using Microsoft Word.

Aspose.Words for C++ is a powerful library that allows developers to programmatically generate, modify, render, process, and convert word processing documents without installing Microsoft Word or any other third-party software. The library can be used to build applications for a wide range of operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and various platforms. It can be used for various application types, such as web, desktop, mobile, and cloud.

The library is very fast and incorporated best practices from other well-known APIs and enables applications to generate thousands of documents in just a couple of minutes. The library has included support for many popular file formats and can be used to generate documents in a number of different formats including such as DOC, DOCX, RTF, DOT, DOTX, DOTM, PDF, PDF/A, XPS, ODT, OTT, WordML, HTML, MHTML, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, SVG, EMF, GIF and many more. It also allows developers to programmatically manipulate the contents and formatting of Word documents, including support for mail merge, document comparison, and reporting.

Aspose.Words for C++ has included a set of advanced features that helps software developers to programmatically manipulate the contents and formatting of Word documents with just a couple of lines of C++ code. The library has included several features for handling documents, such as document rendering to PDF, documents to Image rendering, load HTML documents, Save HTML documents, Insertion online video, mail merge, document comparison and reporting, DML Charts creation, reading and writing VBA Macros, saving documents in ODT format, add HTML into the documents and so on.

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Getting Started with Aspose.Words for C++

The recommend way to install Aspose.Words for C++ is via NuGet. Please use the following command for a smooth installation.

Install Aspose.Words for C++ via NuGet

NuGet\Install-Package Aspose.Words.Cpp -Version 22.12.0 
You can also download it directly from Aspose product page.

Convert Word Document via C++ Apps

Aspose.Words for C++ makes it is easy for software developers to load and convert various types of documents inside their own C++ applications. The library can convert a document from any supported load format into any supported save format. The library supports Word Doc and DOCX conversion to PDF, DOCX to JPEG and PNG, Convert a Document to Markdown, convert Word to HTML and Web formats to PDF. Apart from the it can also convert DOCX to DOC, HTML to Word, RTF to PDF, ODT to PDF, TXT to PDF, Convert MHT (MHTML) to PDF and so on.

Convert Word DOC to PDF via C++ API

// Load the document from disk.
System::SharedPtr doc = System::MakeObject(inputDataDir + u"Rendering.doc");

System::String outputPath = outputDataDir + u"Doc2Pdf.SaveDoc2Pdf.pdf";
// Save the document in PDF format.

Apply Mail Merge via C++ API

Aspose.Words for C++ has included complete support for creating various types of documents such as such as letters, labels, and envelopes using Mail Merge features. The library allows documents creation from templates using mail merge fields. Using standard mail merge fields you can design reports in Microsoft Word, insert images, define regions in the document that are growing, documents filling with data from any type of data source and so on. After executing the mail merge, save the resulting document by calling the Save method on the Document object and passing in the file path where you want to save the resulting document.

Create Documents using Mail Merge via C++ API

using namespace Aspose::Words;
void MailMerge()
    // ExStart:MailMerge
    // Create a new document.
    System::SharedPtr doc = System::MakeObject();

    // Execute mail merge.
        { u"FullName", u"Company", u"Address", u"Address2", u"City" },
        { { u"James Bond", u"MI6", u"Milbank", u"", u"London" },
          { u"Ethan Hunt", u"IMF", u"Curzon Street", u"", u"London" } });

    // Save the document to disk.
    // ExEnd:MailMerge

Add/Manage paragraph to Word Documents via C++

Aspose.Words for C++ has included complete support for working with paragraph inside word documents. The library allows inserting a new paragraph as well as managing existing one with ease. There library has provided various features for working with paragraph such as apply formatting to a paragraph, auto adjust space between Asian and Latin text, numbers, set line break options, apply styles to paragraph, insert a style separator to put different paragraph styles, identifying style separator paragraph, add borders and shading to a paragraph and so on.

Apply Borders and Shading to a Paragraph via C++ API

System::SharedPtr doc = System::MakeObject();
System::SharedPtr builder = System::MakeObject(doc);

// Set paragraph borders
System::SharedPtr borders = builder->get_ParagraphFormat()->get_Borders();

// Set paragraph shading
System::SharedPtr shading = builder->get_ParagraphFormat()->get_Shading();

builder->Write(u"I'm a formatted paragraph with double border and nice shading.");
System::String outputPath = outputDataDir + u"DocumentBuilderSetFormatting.ApplyBordersAndShadingToParagraph.doc";

Protect or Encrypt a Document via C++ API

Aspose.Words for C++ enables software developers to protect various types of documents inside their own C++ applications. By protecting or encrypting a document means to apply more control over who can access, copy or modify documents without permission. The library has provided various useful features for protecting your documents, such as Open a Document Read-Only, Encrypt a Document, Restrict Document Editing, Add a Digital Signature and so on.

How to Encrypt a Document with Password via C++ API

// Create a document.
auto doc = System::MakeObject();
auto builder = System::MakeObject(doc);
builder->Write(u"Hello world!");

// DocSaveOptions only applies to Doc and Dot save formats.
auto options = System::MakeObject(SaveFormat::Doc);

// Set a password with which the document will be encrypted, and which will be required to open it.
doc->Save(u"DocSaveOptions.SaveAsDoc.doc", options);