Open Source Go Library to Read & Write Word DOCX Files

Read & Write Microsoft Word Processing DOCX Documents via Free GO Library. Insert text, headers/footers, & images to DOCX files with ease 

Docxlib is a very simple open source Go library that enables software developers to read and write Microsoft Word and Office Open XML documents inside Go applications. The library makes developers life easy by providing them numerous functionalities inside their own Go applications. One other great feature about the library is that it is very well optimized and allows software developers to easily edit the code to meet their needs.

It is a Go-based library that can be used to handle various tasks related to Microsoft Word .docx documents reading and writing without any external dependencies. It supports several important word processing features, such as opening & reading existing documents, editing existing documents, text formatting support, adding headers and footers, inserting tables, opening a document as a template, adding new paragraph, inserting hyperlinks, and many more.

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Getting Started with Docxlib

The recommended way Docxlib into your project is by using GitHub. Please use the following command for a smooth installation.

Install Docxlib via GitHub

go get  

Word DOCX Document Creation via Go API

The open source library Docxlib has provided complete functionality for new Microsoft Word DOCX Document generation inside the Go application. It is also possible to open the existing documents and modify them according to your needs and save them at the place of your choice. Once the documents are created you can insert images and text, apply styles to text, insert paragraphs, align text, add headers and footers, and so on.

Headers & Footers Addition to Word DOCX via Go

The Docxlib library enables software developers to add new Header & Footer to a Word document with ease. The Header and Footer section of a Word document makes the user's job easy by holding the information which users want to appear on every page of the large document. It can include information like author name, document title, date of creation of the document, last modified date and time, page numbers, etc. It is also possible to add different headers and footers to various sections of a document or even, odd, first functionalities.

Add New Paragraph to Word DOCX Files via Go API

The open source library Docxlib has included various functionalities for adding and managing text inside word DOCX documents using Go API. . The Docxlib library has included support for adding one or more paragraphs to the word documents inside Go applications. The library provides features for setting fonts, font colors, size and alignment, etc. of your textual contents with ease.