Convert Microsoft® Word Docs into different File Formats

Doccelganger is a node.js application that lets you convert Word documents into different file formats. It is simple to install without major dependencies.

What is Doccelganger?

As an open source, free to download Word document converter, Doccelganger lets you easily convert MS Word files into PDF, ODC, HTML, or DOCX files type. Developed as a Node.js application Doccelganger lets you install the application into your Node.js project without any dependencies. Through the file converter, you can implement real sessions that let you see previously converted files and keep a database of them.

Similarly, with Doccelganger you can refactor error handling, delete temporary files after a specified time period, and access logging details as well. Doccelganger can also be used to replace hardcoded upload limit which is common with most file converters as it uses async limited for each conversion.

As an open source file converter, you can customize the features to refactor error handling and redo temporary namespacing fixes as well.

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Getting Started with Doccelganger

The recommended way to install Doccelganger library is via npm. Please use the following command for a smooth installation

Install Doccelganger via npm

npm install doccelganger