Easy to Use Command line package to Generate Microsoft® Word Resumes

HackMyResume is a command line and shell package that can be used to create and generate resumes in different file formats.

What is HackMyResume?

HackMyResume is an open source API developed using Node.js and is a developer-friendly package that can be used to generate well-structured, polished-looking resumes. It is compatible with different operating systems including Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. Furthermore, the package provides different resume themes from FRESH, JRS, and JSON themes to create well-laid-out resumes.

As a free to download, open source package, HackMyResume allows you to author resumes in clean Markdown and JSON format, and export them in different file types such as Word DOC, PDF, HTML, plain text, and many more formats. You can use it directly from your desktop or command line, and in case you need to export a resume to different file formats you can easily install a plugin for it.

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Getting Started with HackMyResume

The recommended way to install HackMyResume library is via npm. Please use the following command for a smooth installation

Install HackMyResume via npm

 npm install hackmyresume -g 

Generate Resume via JavaScript API

When it comes to generating your resume in Microsoft Word format, HackMyResume supports any PDF engine you already have installed however, for optimal performance it is preferred that one of the following PDF generators are installed: Phatom.js, wkhtmltopdf, WeasyPrint. In order to use HackMyResume your resume already has to be in FRESH or JSON Resume format after which the package will help generate your resume in different formats. Some basic commands that you can use are: new, build, convert, analyze, validate and peek.

Generate Resumes in Various File Formats via JavaScript

hackmyresume build resume.json TO out/resume.all -t modern

# Generate a specific resume format
hackmyresume build resume.json TO out/resume.html
hackmyresume build resume.json TO out/resume.pdf
hackmyresume build resume.json TO out/resume.md
hackmyresume build resume.json TO out/resume.doc
hackmyresume build resume.json TO out/resume.json
hackmyresume build resume.json TO out/resume.txt
hackmyresume build resume.json TO out/resume.yml

Analyze Resume via Free JavaScript API

As an open source resume generator, HackMyResume allows you to analyze your resume for keyword density according to a job category, find any gaps or overlaps and generate an analysis for other metrics as well.

Free JavaScript API to Convert Resume

HackMyResume supports exporting a resume into different file formats including Markdown, LaTeX, XML, YAML, RTF, image, plain text, Word, and many more. You can easily print or email the resume too. Through the resume generator, you can author a resume in Markdown, JSON, or YAML document and can export it accordingly to any one of the formats specified above. Similarly, HackMyResume also provides resume templates from FRESH and JSON, and converts resume among them as well.

Convert Source Resume b/t FRESH and JSON Resume via JavaScript

 hackmyresume convert  TO 

hackmyresume convert resume.json TO resume-jrs.json
hackmyresume convert 1.json 2.json 3.json TO out/1.json out/2.json out/3.json