Easily Parse Microsoft® Word with Node Office

Node office is a simple, easy-to-use package that can be installed to parse Word Processing Documents.

What is NodeOffice?

If you are looking for an easy package to use for parsing documents, Node Office is the way to go. As an open-source file parser, you can use Node Office for any Node.js project as it has been completely developed using JavaScript. Node Office can be used on different operating systems including the latest versions of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

As an open-source file parser that is free to use Node office can be used to parse file types including DOC, DOCX, and more.

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Getting Started with NodeOffice

The recommended way to install the NodeOffice library is via npm. Please use the following command for a smooth installation

Install NodeOffice via npm

npm install office 

Parse DOCX via Free JavaScript API

NodeOffice is an open-source JavaScript API to parse Microsoft® Office documents for Free. It is a simple and lightweight tool to parse Word Processing documents. Using the following simple lines of code, you can parse your DOCX using JavaScript.

  1. Include NodeOffice
  2. Parse DOCX

Parse DOCX - JavaScript

var office = require('office');
office.parse('word.docx', function(err, data) {